Shepsky and Company Team Member 2019 Search

We are looking for some new faces to share the love of our shop with others! 

Our expectation is for photos that will meld with our feed well, which is a bright aesthetic with little to no background distractions. If chosen we will need photos where the bandana/design can be seen well and the photo is bright /well lit. PLEASE REVIEW THE PHOTOS ON OUR FEED. 

**We PREFER for you to not be a model or brand ambassador for another company that sells bandanas, if you are please disclose that in your applicant message. While this does not disqualify you it is something we will review to consider** 

We are looking for TWO different types of team members 

1) Models:


  • Post a minimum of 4 photos per month (1 per week) on their feed OR directly to us (via email or DM). 
  • Photos must be in our gear and no other products promoted in the same photo.
  • Photos must be high quality with the product clearly showing. You may edit yourself or send to us unedited. 

Model contract will renew monthly, pending photo submissions. Term length: 3 months, unless you dont meet the monthly submissions requirements.

PERKS: For modeling you will receive a personal code for your own purchases of 25% off all items in the shop. 

2) Brand Ambassadors:   
Brand ambassadors are people who have a genuine interest in our product and willingly and enthusiastically advocate and share our brand with others. 


  • Ambassadors will have a requirement to share a minimum of two photos per month (1 biweekly) on their feed in our product.
  • Expected to engage with our shop through various methods including but not limited to: liking our photos, commenting on new posts, sharing our stories, posting about us on their story.
  • Share your follower code in Bio and on any shared items (stories, feed posts, etc)
  • Engage in Team ShepskyCo Chat (DM) with other team members and our shop, providing feedback, etc. 

PERKS: Ambassadors will receive a personal share code which gives their followers 15% off purchases through our shop. Ambassadors can earn free items through code usages by other customers. Ambassadors will also receive a personal code for their own purchases of 25% off all items in the shop. 

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If you are interested and can meet the above criteria please do fill out the contact form below as follows:

Name: Your IG Handle

Email: A good email we can reach you at outside of IG

Phone Number: Your dogs bandana size and neck size in inches  
(Mini 10-12", Standard 14-18" and Large 18-22" are our current bandana sizes)

Message:  In a short paragraph tell us why you think you would be a good fit for our team AND include WHICH TYPE of position you are wishing to sign up for. Please note any other shops or brands that you model or represent.