Our Bandana Types

We make three styles of bandana - all three are the same sizing, pattern and come with durable colorful snap closures for safety. 

What sets apart our three bandana types is the fabric type and durability. All our bandanas are Double - sided (Reversible) High Quality fabrics that are hand selected by me to be as unique as possible and last as long as your pet can handle. 

We offer three bandana levels: 

Everyday Wear - these bandanas are high quality but light and comfortable cotton on both sides for all pets for everyday use,  whether they're snuggled up with you or romping around on an adventure these fabrics will hold up well. 

Everyday Endurance - these bandanas are thicker canvas material on one side of the bandana to allow for additional outdoor resistance to water, stains, and just about everything except fun! The alternate side is our light and comfortable cotton fabric to keep things cool for all kinds of adventure. 

Endurance Plus** (Coming soon) - this bandana option features our thicker canvas material double sided (either same pattern or alternate patterns on each side). Perfect for all the things that your pet can handle - stain, water, mold/mildew resistant and rugged as they come!