#TeamShepskyCo Ambassadors

Welcome to the Team Shepsky Ambassador page. Here you will find all the info needed for your partnership with our team, including your discount codes and other valuable information. 

#TeamShepskyCo Perks:

  • Your own Share Code which you may provide to followers, friends, family, etc for a savings of 20% off their order. Your share code has unlimited uses and can be shared at your discretion. 
  • Your own personalized code for your personal purchases for 30% off - not to be shared. Your personalized code does not count toward free bandana code uses (below perk). 
  • Every 10 uses of your code earns you a free bandana with your next order. Free bandana is based on availability and does not include shipping, so it will be included with any existing order that is going out to you when it is earned.  Code uses are tracked automatically by our website, so we will alert you when the bandana is earned! Limit 2 Free bandanas per month.
  • Random perks! I often will add extra things in your package when you purchase, especially when I am making demo items that need to be photographed and added to the site. Extra bandanas, shirts, totes, keychains, etc. You will have first dibs on my generosity. :)

Expectations for #TeamShepskyCo

  • Post minimums: 1 per week. You're welcome to post more, but we ask that at least one of your feed posts weekly include our product. Please tag us @ShepskyandCo in the post and use these hashtags in your list: #TeamShepskyCo and #ShepskyandCo 
  • IF you do not plan to post that week for whatever reason, please email us a high quality photo that we can post in our feed with your pet and the product at ShepskyCo@gmail.com with the subject line #TeamShepskyCo 
  • Engagement. We cannot be successful without your feedback, please leave reviews on products that you purchase. Like/Comment on our feed posts when you can (we understand that IG is not a job for most of us). 


Below you will find the current team roster, including your 20% off Share Code, in the "# Code Uses" column you will find the number of times your code has been used in the current month, which will be updated and start over monthly. 

Your Personal Code for 30% off is TeamShepskySUMMER (do not share).

Current Team Roster: 

 Team Member IG Name Share Code

# Code Uses

@macy_and_max MANDM 3
@buddy_chi_ BUDDYSC 3
@pawsfuradventure OKEMOMUTSC 1
@saltycorgis SALTYSC 2

@medierospack KODASC 1
@_winniethepooch_ WINNIESC 4

@jaxandthepack JAXANDTHEPACK 0
@bartthewondercat BARTSC 0
@thesugarandbiscuitshow BISCUITSC 0
@kogithedoxie KOGISC 2
@thatdoodbentley BENTLEYSC 0




@aidenthess AIDENSC



**Count updated on 3/29